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Hello! 🙂

Looking for the best work at home business?

First we need to define the best work at home business. It can be very different from person to person. We all have different goals in life. After being involved in various businesses over the years and learning how stuff works online I have came to a conclusion that affiliate marketing is the best online business for an average person and an ultimate goal for myself to achieve! Either that or you need to know some superman coding and c++ language to invent a new FB, maybe call it BF…

Why affiliate marketing? Because it offers freedom! 🙂 Yeah, think about it…

  • there is no working hours other than whenever you want – only then
  • there is no physical attatchment to a certain place of work
  • there is no dealing with people in case of any complications regarding the product
  • there is virtually no risk on your part
  • no production costs and problems
  • low starting costs ( $8 domain and $9 for hosting/month)
  • stimulative paychecks (the more you work the more you get)
  • the potential!wow-155268_640

Sure, this is not so easy to achieve but it’s damn well achievable if you know what to do and how to start! How do you think so many people live “internet lifestyles” then? They’re not super humans…you have to give it some time and be persistant.


Now that being said, I can only recommend one place online to start building your little (or big) digital empire. That place is called Wealthy Affiliate and it’s FREE to start your membership and see this amazing community first hand. You can see a full review HERE and from that page you can go directly to WA and signup for free. Add me as a friend so I can help you get started although many people will offer help the first day you join. You won’t believe it! 🙂

Notice that this platform exists for 10 years and have never missed one payment, they’re always updated and one step ahead of time, price for premium membership is the cheapest and really worth it.

You can find over 10,000 positive reviews about WA online.


I want to tell you a secret – you don’t have to be a genious to make money online or to even get filthy damn rich from internet, all you have to do is create a routine and do it EVERY DAY! Every day and again – every day! 🙂

This is like swimming upstream, once you stop you go back quickly but if you swim hard all the time you must move foward and it adds up in time.

Or like bodybuilding, you can’t see the results every day but in few months there is a visible difference. This is probably the most important thing that I have learned in all the years online. bodybuilder-646482_640If you need motivation get some nice pictures of something that you want or achieve in life and surround yourself with them. Watch some inspirational videos every day on Youtube, motivate yourself constantly, I never miss a chance to see something that motivates me. I also like to read a successful posts from other members from Wealthy Affiliate, that boosts you very much.

Anyway, sign in to Wealthy Affiliate and click on “Get started now” button and a new world will open for you! 🙂

Motivation Example
Motivation Example

If you have any questions feel free to ask, leave some feedback and comments below. What do you think about Wealthy Affiliate University?

Best regards, Kushhee hee

5 thoughts on “Best work at home business – learn everything from A-Z

  1. WA is surely the best internet university I’ve ever now. I really like the the community and all the trainings provided there.

    Eventhough I’m still a newbie in affiliate marketing, I can learn a LOT there and apply it to my business. Affiliate marketing is surely a way to be a boss for yourself, and I really like this working style.

    Seeing your post here just make me to be more thankful for joining WA. It surely need some time to finally have some result, but it will finally come 🙂

  2. Great article on working online Kush. I agree with you, affiliate marketing is the best work at home business!
    This Wealthy Affiliate you recommend can you tell me what it costs and what I will get by signing up with them?
    I have seen them mentioned around the web but would love to know from you why you feel they are the best.

  3. Great informative site. I like the menu topics and the name of your website! It is good that you added screen shots to your steps so people can see what to do. I have been with WA for a few months now setting up my first website, (which has taken me a while haha) but I really am enjoying it and can not wait to start making money

  4. Hello,
    I started with Wealthy Affiliate about a week ago and I can also really recommend it for everyone. Simple to follow courses and a really nice community.
    I also like your point about staying motivated. When I feel I need more motivation I watch some youtube videos, it really helps.

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